Monday, September 24, 2012

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Anonymous said: You're beautiful & I love you

Not sure if this is directed at me or Nicole, butthank you beautiful anon! We love you too!

Meghan Xx

Anonymous said: first baby kick, tell him you're pregnant, he proposes, your water breaks :3 love your writing!

Thank you so, so much! We’re actually not accepting any regular prefs right now, only picture ones, but a few of those are already on the list anyway:) We’ll let you guys know when we start taking regular requests again! Meghan Xx

PS: If you do have any picture pref ideas, do let us know!

Preference #19: He gets asked about you in an interview.

  • Max: “So, Max, tell us about the beautiful Y/N” the interviewer says. Max grins cheekily. “Well, what would you like to know?” Tom fakes a cough, muttering “How is she in bed?” Max shoots a stony glare at Tom and whacks him over the head and the boys snicker. “I’M the only one who’ll think about that, thank you very much! But for the record,” Max turns back to the interviewer and smiles. “She’s the most beautiful girl in the world, and I absolutely adore her. And yes, she’s very good in bed.” He smirks.
  • Nathan: “How are things between you and Y/N? Rumor is it’s getting pretty serious!” Nathan blushes a little and looks at his feet. He looks back up and answers “Things are going really well, thanks. Y/N is absolutely incredible, the sweetest girl in the world.” “Aww sounds like you really love her!” exclaims the interviewer. Jay ruffles Nathan’s hair and says “He really does!” making Nathan smile embarrassedly. “I really do,” Nathan responds with a look of pure love for you on his face.
  • Jay: “Jay, can you confirm rumors that you and Y/N have called it quits?” asks a TV interviewer as Jay is walking down the red carpet. “Why isn’t she here with you tonight?” Jay turns and looks straight at the interviewer. “Actually, no I can’t confirm that because it’s not true. Y/N’s not here with me tonight because she’s home sick and she understands that I have to be here for work.” Then he looks into the camera. “I miss you love! Feel better, and I promise I’ll be home in time to tuck you in.” He flips the interviewer off then and struts away.
  • Siva: “How have the fans reacted to your relationship with Y/N, Siva?” Siva gets serious and looks away for a moment. “Really badly, actually,” he says. “I’m very disappointed. I want the fans to know that no matter how serious my relationship with Y/N is, I’ll never run out of time or love for them. But they should respect my love for Y/N too, because she makes me happier than anyone else in the world and she’s a part of me now. They can’t love me, without loving her as well.”
  • Tom: “So I’ve heard a lot of good things about your lady Tom!” says the interviewer. “Well I don’t know who you’ve been talking to, but they couldn’t have been talking about Y/N!” Tom laughs. “Whoa, you better watch out tonight! Y/N won’t be happy about that one!” says Nathan. Tom laughs and looks into the camera. “Just kidding babe! You’re very sexy and you tolerate me and you’re bloody amazing!” He looks back at the interviewer. “Hopefully that makes up for it, otherwise I may be in hospital for a bit!"
  • Meghan Xx

Hey guys so I’ve got a little free time before I start homework…picture preference or regular???

Meghan Xx

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Haha we’ve got 169 followers ;) Nicole x

tomfuckinparker replied to your post: Preference # 18: When you wear his clothes.

omg i love this idea haha

So did I!!! Thanks to the follower who requested it:) Meghan Xx

Preference # 18: When you wear his clothes.


Part Of Me




QUEEN British UK Union Jack Flag T Shirt Women by CelebFashion


Hapa Time


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twlads replied to your post: I feel like doing a picture preference today guys,…

what about When you wear his clothes?

Oh, I like that idea! Maybe I’ll use it:) 

I feel like doing a picture preference today guys, any suggestions? Meghan Xx