Monday, October 29, 2012

Preference #23: He drops you off at school/univeristy.

  • Tom: After spending the night at Tom’s for a bit of sexytime, Tom agrees to drop you off at your dorm the next morning so you can change and get ready before class. You take the subway across the city with him early in the morning and kiss Tom quickly on the lips as you approach your building. “Aw, let me walk you up babe, I wanna make sure you get in alright!” he says. “Tom, it’s bad enough I have to do the walk of shame in the clothes I had on last night, you’ll just draw attention to us!” you say. He laughs. “Shame? What’s shameful about spending the night with me? You should be proud!” You laugh and roll your eyes, taking his hand and trying to sneak back into your dorm as quietly as possible. Of course though, once you get to your door Tom insists on kissing you goodbye, pressing you against the door, and making a lot of noise that wakes up your roommate and foils the plan.
  • Max: You’re running really late after spending the whole night talking and laughing with Max, so he offers to drop you off at school. You guys jump in the car and Max turns on the radio, singing loudly and making you laugh on the way there. He pulls up to your school, and you jump out quickly yelling “Bye Max, love you!” But before you can leave, he grabs your hand and pulls you back in through the car window, kissing you sweetly on the lips and tickling your ear before letting you go. “Have a great day babe!”
  • Siva: Unless Siva has a morning radio interview, he makes a point of walking you to your University classes every morning, meeting you at your dorm and holding hands with you as you guys stroll across campus. He’ll ask you about your plans for the day, and sometimes, if you’re running early, you’ll stop for a coffee at the shop on the corner and sit down together, talking about everything and anything. When he finally drops you off at class, he always pulls you into a tight hug and kisses your forehead saying “Have a lovely day princess, I’ll miss you!” Your friends watch and make “Aw” faces at how cute the two of you are as you kiss him goodbye.
  • Nathan: “Babe, are you done yet, I’ve been down here waiting!” Nathan yells, standing at the bottom of your steps. You laugh and come barreling down the stairs, finally done with your hair and makeup. “Oh like you should talk Nath, we all know it takes you the longest of all the guys to get ready!” Nathan laughs and hands you some tea he picked up on the way over. “You ready to go?” he asks. You nod, grabbing your bag and running outside with him. He drives you to class and before you go he gives you a long kiss, biting his lip and smiling as you leave.
  • Jay: After spending the night hanging out with the lads on the tour bus, Jay insists on dropping you off to class in the bus. “Jay, are you crazy? You’ll cause a riot!” you laugh. But he insists. “Oh, come on, it’ll be fun babe! You’ll make the best entrance ever!” you sigh and agree, and the boys have the bus pull up in front of your building. Jay hops out with you, hugging you and spinning you around before you go. “Bye love have a great day!” You grin and kiss his cheek, waving as your classsmates and random people on the street stare in awe.

Well….there’s a huge hurricane on the East Coast of the USA and my school is closed for two days so guess what that means….tons of preferences for you guys! Who’s ready??? -Meghan Xx

How To Ruin Your Life

  • Step 1: Join tumblr
  • Step 2: Become part of a fandom
Monday, October 22, 2012

twlads said: Hey babe! I was wondering, did you post the 'special preferences'? because I think I missed it!

Hiya hun! No I didn’t :( I lost all the names for it and haven’t had chance, but I finish college for just over a week on Wednesday so I’ll probably do one then :) Sorry hun, Nicole x

Hey guys, it’s Nicole :)

Would you like a regular or picture preference tonight? x

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Looks like regular preferences are the winner! I’ll post one a bit later:) Meghan Xx

Haven’t been on in AGES (sorry guys) so I’ll definitely be posting today!!!! Picture pref or regular? Meghan Xx

Anonymous said: Picture preferences- like first family photo?! Xx

Good idea! Nicole x

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wow, that was a busy couple of weeks! Preferences anyone? Nicole x

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Anonymous said: Could you do a gif preference?

Yeah course, I’ve done a gif preference before :) Nicole x